Ian Brown Music Albums

Ian Brown (born February 20th 1963 in Warrington, England) was the lead singer in former British band The Stone Roses and following their split in 1996 has gone on to have a successful solo career releasing a total of six studio albums, with one greatest hits compilation, and remixes disc. He is considered to be an influential artist with followers such as Oasis, The Verve, Blur, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys and many more. He has had twelve UK top 40 singles and has sold over 9 million albums as a solo artist. Allegedly nicknamed "King Monkey" by Dodgy's drummer Mathew Priest. Brown is well known to standout from the crowd and had his own unique style, whilst in The Roses he used to often wear big baggy flares and his landmark t-shirt with banknotes on. He now has a more casual look: Adidas Jackets, tracksuit bottoms, army trousers and a pair of shades. He is also recognisable for his varying hairstyles including: Blonde mohawk (early Stone Roses days) short (also early Stone roses days)